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Branches in webos-ports for of meta-webos-ports:

 every branch is rebased on the one above
 meta-webos - upstream revision we're using as base
 newer-layers - updates to support oe-core 1.5 release instead of 1.4 "Dylan"
 master-next - commits specific for webos-ports, prepared to be moved to "master"
 master - usually the same as master-next, but can be different when newer master-next is being tested
 srcrevs - no longer used - most were merged in upstream meta-webos, only small changes in master-next now - commits to move PV to recipes, replace tags with SRCREVs and PR_appends with PRINCs
 specific - no longer used - now only in master-next - commits specific for webos-ports or waiting to be sent in some pull-request
 dylan-next - no longer used - was used in webOS-ports builds based on older oe-core release
 dylan - no longer used - was used in webOS-ports builds based on older oe-core release
 danny-next - no longer used - was used in webOS-ports builds based on older oe-core release
 danny - no longer used - was used in webOS-ports builds based on older oe-core release
 sent-upstream - no longer used - commits sent in some pull-request waiting to be applied
 rejected-upstream - no longer used - commits sent in some pull-request before, which got rejected, but are still valid for us

Changes in meta-webos-ports fork: newer-layers <poem> 4815c73 sqlite3: Rename bbappend to match new oe-core version b17fb89 libgcrypt: Rename bbappend to match new oe-core version 55b1040 dropbear: Rename bbappend to match new oe-core version 68583da dhcp: Rename bbappend to match new oe-core version 401495d connman: Rename bbappend to match new oe-core version 2b0ad4f mm-common: Rename .bbappend to match new version from meta-oe 0814366 curl: Rename bbappend to match new oe-core version f5cfc36 buildhistory, oe-pkgdata-util: drop webos modifications d0cbd1a busybox: Rename .bbappend to match new version from oe-core 0cfec8b e2fsprogs: Rename .bbappend to match new version from oe-core ba4b533 xkeyboard-config: drop unneeded .bbappend 4e1242d ca-certificates: rename .bbappend to match new version from oe-core 03099b4 connman: rename .bbappend to match new version from oe-core 35d1995 webos-preferred-versions: Drop P_V for linux-yocto -> upgrade to 3.10 af14e3e vboxguestdrivers: Upgrade to 4.2.18 </poem>

master-next <poem> 4a62d67 Add simple script for creating webos tags 32d15b3 webos*submissions: update bbclasses for webos-ports needs 99a39ae recipes: drop all PR/PR_append/PRINC 1f4ec08 Update layer config and README ef23ea0 webos-ports: modify distro configuration 19cebf4 classes: import from separate meta-webos-ports 2db415e images: import from separate meta-webos-ports b1826d3 devshell: add recipe 6f30245 orc: disable mmap, docs, examples and testsuite 8fc82f3 opkg: run opkg-postinst a bit earlier bfa2110 sysvinit: use u-a for telinit 7dfb806 distro-feed-configs: limit available architectures 95112ec mtdev: add recipe 79e0e4c ofono, ofono-qt: add recipes 9d10446 connman, (webos-)connman-adapter: import from separate meta-webos-ports a862641 connman-conf: update wired.setup to configure the Android USB gadget correctly 9032f4c connman: manually set xuser uid to 10000 to be out of android system user range b52105e xuser-account: set xuser UID to 10000 and remove it from connman 682adb0 pulseaudio: import from separate meta-webos-ports ccb10bc packagegroups: import from separate meta-webos-ports d890d60 crash-handler: add recipe 8b033b5 mjson: add recipe 7d4d97b powerstat: add recipe 1c3af7b apps: add recipes for webosports and webosinternals apps 4f50f3e services: add recipes for webosports and weebosinternals services 4cdf6a3 token-generater: add recipe e488295 wakelockd: add recipe 2e1392c sleepd: use wakelockd for suspend handling bd057fd webos-telephony: add recipe 04f4b76 alsa-lib: ucm: fix handling of config files f9ce01d cordova: add recipe 938e65b libhybris: use webOS-ports/master branch and bump SRCREV f61ffb8 libwebos-gui: add recipe a3b1697 qt-palm-plugin: add recipe for the external QPA plugin cd12eb3 qt-webos-plugin: add recipe for QPA plugin 10e9522 qt4-webos: import modifications from separate meta-webos-ports ddd31ad luna-sysmgr-common: use webos-ports-submissions, convert to cmake, qt5 a914c16 luna-applauncher: use webos-ports-submissions 9d816d1 luna-sysmgr-ipc-messages: use webos-ports-submissions, pkgconfig aca4ff1 luna-systemui: use webos-ports-submissions 6f665f1 luna-webkit-api: use webos-ports-submissions 2b84d60 luna-sysmgr: use webos-ports-submissions, cmake, qt5 b9fd881 webappmanager: use webos-ports-submissions a5bab30 webos-initscripts: add upstart script for cpufreq c2324d7 serviceinstaller: fix header installation 6493f7c serviceinstaller: fix header installation a746fef nyx-modules: use webos-ports-submissions 5c3ba32 mojoservicelauncher: disable jailing per default 97c9904 browserserver: use our own repo 70d4685 use our own repo fc98fb9 core-apps: drop notes, use webos-ports-submissions f04bca6 enyo-1.0: use webos-ports-submissions f34bd17 keyboard-efigs: use webos-ports-submissions 7e90579 webkit-webos: enable video/music support through gstreamer aa2a92d android-audiosystem: install needed alsa configuration file d116cae upstart: lower OLD_UPSTART, because PR is gone, drop PRIORITY 6b991db qtbase: enable GLES, EGL, accessibility, webos QPA, drop gstreamer 0635c35 qt5-webos-plugin: add recipe dc56d9c qt5-plugin-generic-vboxtouch: add touchscreen driver for virtualbox dc9b1f6 snowshoe: add recipe for qt5/webkit2 based browser 66ffdf7 Drop cmake 2.8.7 in favour of newer version from oe-core 00f1aff packagegroup-webos-*-extended: replace old webOS UI with luna-next c6d05fe packagegroup-webos-ports-development: add systemd-analyze, qt5-opengles2-test, qtwayland-examples 73c40ef luna-sysservice: bump submission to be ready for qt 5 a58cdb6 luna-next: add recipe for the next generation webOS UI 8000090 wayland: upgrade to 1.1.0 bca8c6a qtwayland: disable support for xkbcommon, bump SRCREV b964eb4 phablet-headers: set PREFERRED_PROVIDER for android-headers 9beb1c4 webos-systemd-services: package several systemd service configuration files 6f4dec8 luna-service2: add few patches d791f63 luna-prefs: split out machine specific things into own package 1eb9cbe Remove webos_machine_dep from some recipes which doesn't need it cc5e9cc lxc: import recipe from meta-virtualization e70b268 qt5-opengles2-test: add recipe for simple qt5 & gles2 test program 4947f3b shadow-sysroot: use UID_MIN = 10000 9c728c7 luna-webappmanager: add recipe for the new webappmanager service c9ab73b qtwebkit: use our own repository f9d9632 mesa: enable support for gallium and llvmpipe b0159ac v86d: install module configuration for uvesafb 21e3195 luna-next-cardshell: add recipe </poem>

Changes above webOS-ports/master in meta-webos (not ported to meta-webos-ports):

switch from qmake-webos-native to qt4-native <poem> pick 960fe37 webos-preferred-versions: add preferred versions for qt4-native pick 33c232f qt4-native: add bbappend to provide tools with -palm suffix pick 7ff1e2c qmake-webos-native: replace broken recipe in meta-webos with qt4-native pick a5c7e86 qmake-webos-native: drop </poem>

wip fixes for qt4-native <poem> pick 462f917 webkit-webos: pass spec to qmake and inherit qmake2 </poem>

switch from qt4-webos to qt4-embedded bbappend <poem> pick 17a9ea7 webos-preferred-versions: add preferred versions for qt4-embedded pick 33563db qt4-embedded: use our own repo with all fixes included pick 7f83578 qt4-embedded: add flags from qconfig-palm.h pick 8f4c61b qt4-embedded: disable QT_KEYPAD_NAVIGATION pick fe1d8cb qt4-embedded: disable tools, examples and demos pick 9659bcf qt4-webos: drop </poem>