Build Custom LunaSysMgr for OWO

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Please note that WebOS Ports DOESN'T use LunaSysMgr from Open webOS anymore, but uses it's own Luna Next which is a rewrite of LunaSysMgr using the latest techologies (QT5, WebKit2, Wayland etc).



You have a local copy of luna-sysmgr repo in ~/luna-sysmgr

You have a working OE build dir in /srv/webos-ports-env (To set this up, start here: [1])

You have a working knowledge of linux

You have the Android SDK Setup

You have your galaxy nexus rndis setup and working.


Add the following to the bottom of conf/

SRC_URI_pn-luna-sysmgr = "git:///home/<username>/luna-sysmgr;branch=webOS-ports/master;protocol=file"
S_pn-luna-sysmgr = "/home/<username>/luna-sysmgr"
B_pn-luna-sysmgr = "/home/<username>/luna-sysmgr"

SRCREV_pn-luna-sysmgr = "${AUTOREV}"
PV_pn-luna-sysmgr = "gitr${SRCPV}+1.0"



with your username

Then, uncomment the following line in conf/local.conf


see the automated sh file for the rest of the steps.

sh file to automate binary generation and push to device

Put the following into

cd ~/luna-sysmgr && git pull origin $1
cd /srv/webos-ports-env/webos-ports && . ./setup-env && MACHINE=tuna bitbake -Dv luna-sysmgr -c compile
ssh [email protected] 'stop LunaSysMgr'
scp ~/luna-sysmgr/release-tuna/LunaSysMgr [email protected]:/usr/bin/
ssh [email protected] 'start LunaSysMgr'

Then run

chmod +x

Finally, to trigger the build,do the following

./ <Branch name to build>