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The WebOS Ports / LuneOS Community

Who Is Who

Help me! I use Ubuntu 12.04 64bit After i run $ ./ init .I have a error:

[2016-07-13 03:07:21:078] [0x7f3a09232740] [warning] [activitymanager.mojodb]: Error loading Activities from MojoDB, retrying: {"errorCode":-1,"errorText":"com.palm.db is not running.","returnValue":false,"serviceName":"com.palm.db"}

How to Contribute

  • Donate - Donations are requested from the community so that we can buy hardware, pay for hosting or domain fees, and cover any other costs associated with running this site and the homebrew ecosystem. The server infrastructure that builds and distributes homebrew applications, themes, patches and kernels costs real money to maintain and run, and your donations are the sole source of those funds.